Wellbeing can be found in the smallest interactions with all that surrounds you

With the right knowledge and tools, we all have the power to create sustainable healthy lifestyles for ourselves. At State of Liberty, we believe the best place to start is in the home, making small changes every day and forming habits that will last.

Online wellbeing retreats – the freedom to enjoy sustainable wellbeing in your own home

Incorporating six key elements yoga, food, meditation, mindfulness, pampering, and sleep – we give you the inspiration, knowledge and support you need to create your own State of Liberty.

Produced in collaboration with leading industry experts, our multi-media retreats will be delivered via a beautiful, user-friendly website specifically designed to be clear, calm and intuitive.

Taking place over the course of an appointed weekend, each stage of the retreat is made available to members at set times, so you’ll experience each element as a group. You’ll be able to connect with fellow participants via a dedicated online forum, creating a powerful communal experience for everyone involved.

Ideal for busy people who want to lead happier, healthier lives, State of Liberty delivers vitality and a sense of calm directly to your door. Each retreat attendee receives tailored food and pamper boxes, expertly curated to complement the digital content.

State of Liberty aims to inspire, educate and encourage. We’re committed to growing a safe, supportive online community around these goals. As a brand new concept, we’d welcome your input as we work towards creating beautiful retreats that suit your needs.