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Online Wellbeing Retreats

With the right knowledge and the tools, we all have the power to create sustainable healthy lifestyles for ourselves.

At State of Liberty, we believe self-care should be a way of life.

The best place to start is in the home, making small changes every day and forming habits that will last.

What is an online wellbeing retreat?

Our online retreats incorporate six key elements – yoga, food, meditation, mindfulness, pamper and sleep – all of which have been carefully designed to complement each other, helping you adopt a holistic approach to your own wellbeing.

Produced in collaboration with a team of leading wellbeing experts, our innovative online retreats are delivered via a beautiful, user-friendly website specifically designed to be clear, calm and intuitive.

You’ll be able to connect with fellow participants via our dedicated online forum, creating a powerful communal experience for everyone involved. The SOL team are available throughout to answer any questions, offer support and provide gentle encouragement.

Creating a nurturing space in your own home can be incredibly powerful, and our retreats help you achieve this, carving out time to mindfully prepare your surroundings for comfort and rest.

Before the retreat, you’ll receive a luxurious pamper box containing everything you need for a restful and restorative pamper session in your own home. Carefully sourced and expertly curated to complement the digital content, the box includes a seasonal essential oil blend to support, encourage and nurture you as you undertake your wellbeing practices.

You’ll also be provided with a detailed grocery shopping list and a set of printed recipe cards featuring a delicious seasonal menu created by our holistic chef. These quick, simple meals are designed to gently nourish and support the body, both throughout the retreat and beyond.

Six wellbeing elements


Our approach to yoga is gentle. This doesn’t mean it’s not strong, but that we focus on finding ease, slowing down and learning how to practise with kindness and mindfulness.


Nutrition, health and wellbeing are intrinsically linked. When we’re conscious of our food choices and aware of our personal needs, natural rhythms, cycles and habits, we are choosing the most responsible and liberating way of eating and living.


Meditation gives you the opportunity to take time for yourself and slow down, to reconnect with your inner self and cultivate a sense of peace within.


Mindfulness technique

Life is busy and full of distractions, it’s easy to lose touch with ourselves and become trapped in automatic thinking and doing. Mindfulness helps us break out of this pattern and focus our attention more deeply on the here and now.


The pamper element in our online retreats empowers you to carve out time for yourself, slow down, relax and be kind to both your mind and body.


Sleep is the restorative element in our online retreats. We believe it’s essential for health, happiness and beauty. This powerful process helps our bodies heal, but is often compromised when life is busy, stressful or when caring for others.

“The SOL team are gentle, kind and supportive and provide the space for participants to take whatever they need from the weekend. Overall, a really lovely and inspiring experience. Thank you.”

Test retreat participant
David Kershaw,
Communication Coach

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Weekly Wellbeing toolkit

We’ve created a powerful weekly ritual to inspire, support and encourage you when establishing a realistic wellbeing routine that is deeply personally yours.

It includes intention setting, overcoming resistance, discussions with our wellbeing experts and a candlelight meditation for reflection to help integrate wellbeing into your everyday life.

“As well as being a wonderful weekend full of gentle practices and nutritious food. It has made me re-think my own self care strategies moving forward. The wisdom from the instructors was a joy to experience and I very much look forward to “retreating” with them again. Thank you, you are all a gift.”

Test retreat participant
Hayley Bisofsky-Pope, Life Coach

Upcoming Retreats

State of Liberty online wellbeing retreats are inspired by nature and aligned with the seasons. Each season supports, nourishes and prepares the body for the next season.

Summer Group Retreat – Live on June 23rd & 24th

You will retreat with a small group.

Registration closed

Summer Retreat

Open all season so you can practise anytime at your own pace.

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