Sustainable Wellbeing In The Home

State of Liberty empowers women with practical self-care tools to nourish themselves, their communities and the planet.

Our COVID-19 message to you

Now, more than ever, is a time to be gentle with ourselves and to practise self-compassion as we adapt to our ever-changing circumstances. State of Liberty is a calm and peaceful online space where you can find useful and practical wellbeing tools and resources to help support you through this challenging time.

We’re committed to supporting and empowering women and during Covid-19 we are offering our Spring Home Retreat and Seasonal Toolkit on a ‘pay what feels good’ basis.

With love, the SOL team

Wellbeing resources to support you this spring

Spring is celebrated as the beginning of the life cycle. It’s a fresh start – a time of renewal and growth. As the days grow longer and lighter it’s a great time for gentle cleansing, spring cleaning and creating new connections.

Weekly Wellbeing Workbook

Your Weekly Wellbeing Workbook includes tools which will help you create the space to connect with your inner wisdom, natural cycles and universal influences. We’ve included weekly and daily planners so that you can prioritise your wellbeing and integrate healthy practices into your everyday life.

COVID-19 – Wellbeing Inspiration

We’ve carefully selected self-care practices to support you through these uncertain times. You’ll find everything from recipes to help you boost your immune system to expert advice on how to establish personal boundaries and cultivate resilience.

Spring Toolkit

The focus in spring is on gentle cleansing, planning, and connecting, so we can move forward with a sense of purpose, confidence, and energy.

Spring Wellbeing Offerings

Based on the five seasons used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season correlates to one of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Influenced by these five elements, we have created a retreat, a self-care box and an essential oil blend to support you each season.

Spring Home Retreat

Donate – ‘Pay what feels good’

Our online wellbeing retreats have been designed so that you can enjoy a retreat experience in your own home.

Your Spring Retreat includes wellbeing practices and simple self-care techniques carefully chosen to support and nourish you this season. You’ll find yoga videos, meditations, seasonal recipes, and pamper and sleep rituals as well as self-care advice and a seasonal wellbeing planner.

Available until June 20th

Spring Self-Care Box – £40

The Seasonal Self-Care Box includes a selection of organic and natural products, plus online content which includes a restful and restorative pamper session and how to make your own natural skincare products.

State of Liberty Late Summer Blend

Spring Essential Oil Blend – £12

Lavender, Lemon and Sweet Orange. The Spring Essential Oil Blend is made from the highest quality organic essential oils and is carefully designed to support you through this season.

State of Liberty

At State of Liberty we believe self-care is a way of life and that the best place to start is in the home, making small changes every day and forming habits that will last, to improve your overall sense of wellbeing.