Seasonal Home Retreats

State of Liberty Home Retreats have been designed so that you can enjoy a retreat experience in the comfort of your own home.

Alleviate daily stress, anxiety, overwhelm and fatigue with simple self-care techniques.

We can all benefit from taking some time out to relax and refocus. At State of Liberty, we believe self-care is a way of life and the best place to start is in the home, making small changes every day and forming habits that will last.

Our retreats have been designed by wellbeing experts to help you:

Dedicate some time for yourself to rest, reset and refocus and create a wellbeing routine for the season ahead.
Recognise your resistance to self-care and make positive changes to old habits.
Be more mindful when doing everyday tasks.
Create a wellbeing routine that supports your individual needs, creating positive and long-lasting changes..
Build resilience and develop a set of wellbeing tools to fall back on when life is busy and stressful.
Support your wellbeing by living seasonally.

Supporting you through the seasons

Based on the five seasons used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season correlates to one of the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Influenced by these five elements, we have created a retreat, a self-care box and an essential oil blend to support you each season.
You will access the online retreat via the member’s area on our website where you can find:
  • All the information you need to prepare for your home retreat.
  • Your retreat schedule, wellbeing practices, retreat menu, shopping list and recipes.
  • Support from our wellbeing experts in the forum.
  • A community of like-minded people.
  • A Wellbeing Resource Library.
The Seasonal Self-Care Box complements the online retreat content and has been designed to deliver a sense of calm directly to your door. It includes:
  • A selection of organic base ingredients and recipes to make your own natural skincare products
  • Seasonal essential oil blend
  • Seasonal essential oil candle
  • Everything you need for a restful and restorative pamper session

Seasonal living

Our Home Retreats are inspired by nature and aligned with the seasons; each season supports, nourishes and prepares the body for the next season creating a constant cycle of wellbeing. 

Dec 21st – Mar 21st


Mar 21st- Jun 21st


Jun 21st  – Aug 5th

What to eat in late summer - basket of fresh produce
Late Summer

Aug 5th – Sep 21st


Sep 21st – Dec 21st


Your first seasonal retreat


  • Retreat
  • Self-Care Box
  • Seasonal menu and recipes
  • State of Liberty membership
  • Wellbeing Resource Library
  • Lifetime access

Additional seasonal retreats

ÂŁ90 each

  • Retreat
  • You can order refills for your Self-Care Box
  • Seasonal menu and recipes
  • State of Liberty membership
  • Wellbeing Resource Library
  • Lifetime access

Upgrade available via your dashboard

Annual membership


  • 5 Seasonal Retreats
  • 1 Seasonal Self-Care Box
  • You can order refills for your Self-Care Box
  • Seasonal menus and recipes
  • State of Liberty membership
  • Wellbeing Resource Library
  • Lifetime access


Early Bird Access

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Our Wellbeing Shop

The State of Liberty online shop is home to a collection of responsibly sourced, ethical and sustainable wellbeing products for you and your home.

Every purchase comes with access to exclusive online content that’s designed to help you effortlessly incorporate the products into your self-care routine.

Seasonal Self-Care Box

The Seasonal Self-Care Box includes a selection of organic base ingredients and recipes to make your own natural skincare products and everything you need for a restful and restorative pamper session.

Seasonal Essential Oil Blend

Essential oil blends to support your wellbeing from season to season.

“The SOL Home Retreat gave me an opportunity to take time out from the busyness of life and re-connect with myself, which was much needed. I’ve come away from the retreat feeling empowered to take control of my own health and wellbeing, with a variety of practices to support me in my self-care going forward.”

Spring Retreat participant – Emma Coxon 

Weekly Wellbeing Toolkit

We’ve created a powerful weekly ritual to inspire, support and encourage you when establishing a realistic wellbeing routine that is deeply, personally yours.

It includes intention setting, exploring any resistance, discussions with our wellbeing experts and a candlelight meditation for reflection, which all help to integrate wellbeing into your everyday life.

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Self-care is the key to developing resilience

“As well as being a wonderful weekend full of gentle practices and nutritious food, it has made me re-think my own self-care strategies moving forward. The wisdom from the experts was a joy to experience and I very much look forward to “retreating” with them again. Thank you, you are all a gift.”

Test retreat participant
Hayley Bisofsky-Pope, Life Coach

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