seasonal living

How are you feeling this spring? Are you finding time for self-care?

Here in the UK, it took spring a little while to arrive. The weather was incredibly changeable, which can leave you feeling unsettled. Thankfully, May has seen the arrival of warmth and calm. The trees are a lush, vibrant green and flowers are in full bloom.

It’s my favourite time of year. The longer, lighter, warmer days encourage us to be more active and the energy is available to cultivate new projects. Nature is creating all around us and this inspires our own passions and creativity.

The Benefits of Living Seasonally

As you may already know, our online wellbeing retreats and simple self-care techniques are inspired by and aligned with the seasons. Traditional Chinese Medicine also influences our approach. This ancient system illustrates the importance of following the natural rhythms and cycles of our planet to support balance in our bodies and minds.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has five seasons and divides summer into two parts; early and late summer, because they both have a distinct and different feel. Early in the season the sun is hot and bright, the produce is fresh and vital. In late summer the light is softer and golden, the produce ripe and succulent.

Each season correlates to the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water and has a dominant organ, colour, emotion and taste connected to it. Strengthening the wood element in spring helps to feed the fire element in early summer, a time of high energy, movement, long days, love, laughter and celebrations.

You can read more about seasonal living in spring.

Sustainable Wellbeing

It can be hard to dedicate time and energy to our own wellbeing. Life is constantly busy, and our responsibilities can often make us feel like everyone and everything else must come first.

At State of Liberty, we want you to achieve sustainable wellbeing, integrating self-care practices into your daily life and creating a routine that works for you. Deciding to tend to your own needs for rest, nourishment, sleep and reflection means you’ll be ready to face the world refreshed and filled with new energy and ideas. Better still, you’ll have a greater capacity for work and the care of others.

A Wellbeing Toolkit for Spring

Our team of experts has created a Wellbeing Toolkit for Spring which includes simple acts of self-care connected to each of our wellbeing elements. Designed to be short and enjoyable, these practices will support and nourish you this season and into the next.


Sun salutations, known by their Sanskrit name Surya Namaskara, are a very effective way to loosen up, stretch, tone and wake-up all the joints, muscles and organs of the body. In this post Clem Balfour demonstrates the 12 asanas (postures) that create this simple sequence.

Mindfulness and Meditation 

Creating a safe, supportive and inspiring space in your home is a key part of establishing a regular wellbeing routine. Gemma David shares a short exercise to help you feel more mindful as you transform your home.


As the sun rises higher in the sky and the ground gradually warms up, it’s highly beneficial to celebrate the season with the exciting fresh colours and flavours of local and seasonal veggies. In this post Florence Neville offers advice and recipe ideas, so you can you eat well this spring.


Essential oils have long been used for their healing properties, both medicinally and for beauty treatments. They are natural, aromatic, highly concentrated compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers. Pen McKinley-Rodgers tells you everything you need to know about this clean, fresh citrus oil and the exclusive Spring Blend included in the State of Liberty Self-Care Box.  


seasonal living

Sleep is essential for wellbeing. Along with managing the mind and emotions, exercising and eating well, the quality of our sleep determines the overall health of our body. In this post Gemma David shares simple tips to improve the quality of your sleep during spring.

Weekly Wellbeing Toolkit

Our Weekly Wellbeing Toolkit has been designed to help integrate the practices into your everyday life. Along with tips and advice on setting intentions and overcoming resistance. Sign up here.