COVID-19: Your Wellbeing Inspiration

These are extraordinary times. It feels even more important than ever to be taking responsibility regarding our health and wellbeing.

During this time of physical distancing, we are now all retreating at home; it might be difficult to feel a sense of space and freedom physically and mentally when our external freedom has been limited.
This page includes practices to help you cultivate a sense of freedom within and help you to create a home environment that supports all aspects of your wellbeing.


What are your self-care essentials?

Self-care and resilience

How to create personal boundaries

How to avoid overwhelm

Three ways to create headspace

What is a gratitude practice?

How to create a routine to support your wellbeing

Resisting self-care? you are not alone

Mindful habits for business owners and freelancers

Your Weekly Wellbeing Workbook

Your Wellbeing Workbook includes tools that will help you create the space to connect with your inner wisdom, natural cycles, and universal influences.

We’ve included weekly and daily planners so that you can prioritise your wellbeing and integrate healthy practices into your everyday life.

Boosting your immune system

How to grow your own sprouted beans

Sprouting food makes it more digestible, releasing vitamins and enzymes that help your body break down and digest the sprouts along with any other foods you eat with them. Sprouts are little powerhouses of nutrition!

Immune boosting Liquid Gold

Turmeric, the main ingredient in Liquid Gold, is an Indian spice. Used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years, it’s a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune booster.

The importance of staying hydrated

Water is essential to life and our sense of wellbeing. When we’re fully hydrated, all the systems in our body work more efficiently. We feel energised, refreshed and connected.

Wellbeing practices

Simple essential oil massage

What yoga teaches you about breathing

Loving kindness meditation

Bedtime yoga to help you sleep

The benefits of journaling

How to practise yoga at home

Your home environment

How to create a home that supports your wellbeing

Your home environment can greatly enhance your sense of wellbeing, support your self-care practices and nourish you.

Spring cleaning – how to create a mindful home

Spring is the season for cleaning and letting go of any stagnant energy, it’s the ideal time to freshen up your home and give your environment a little TLC.

How to create a mindful kitchen

A well-stocked, mindful kitchen makes cooking easier and more enjoyable, as well as saving money and producing less waste.

Now, more than ever, is a time to be gentle with ourselves and to practise self-compassion as we adapt to our ever-changing circumstances. State of Liberty is a calm and peaceful online space where you can find useful and practical wellbeing tools and resources to help support you through this challenging time.