At its best, Christmas is a time filled with fairy lights and magic, cosy fires, delicious food, country walks and the people we love most. It’s also an ideal time to slow down, draw inwards and reflect on the year that’s passed.

However, December is often incredibly busy and filled with stress. Schedules grow crowded, there are presents to buy, and family to visit all over the country. If you fail to prioritise your wellbeing, it’s easy to neglect self-care and forget everything we know about living mindfully. When this happens, Christmas can quickly take its toll.

So, how do you create a more mindful Christmas?

Keep It Simple

Christmas preparations can be all-consuming. There’s so much to do and a million decisions to make. But the festivities can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Try stepping back and reassessing what you hope to achieve. Are you putting unnecessary pressure on yourself? Can you let go of any tasks, events or activities?

Prioritise simple things so that you can enjoy this time of year. Decorate your home with foraged greenery, candles and warm, glowing fairy lights, potter in the kitchen and bake mince pies, snuggle up with a hot chocolate by the fire and enjoy a break from your normal everyday routine. You can’t abandon your to-do list completely, so rather than racing from one task to the next, try to embrace being present and fully in the moment instead and schedule in some time to rest.

Create Moments of Calm

Winter is a season of rest, but Christmas tends to turn this on its head. The busyness is hard to avoid, so it’s important to create small moments of calm among the chaos. For example, the simple act of lighting a candle can change your focus, your mood and your environment. It acts as a visual reminder to slow down and pause for a while. Read our post about mindful habits for more inspiration.

Do What Feels Good

As writer Matt Haig recently tweeted, ‘compulsory fun isn’t always fun’. This Christmas, release yourself from expectation and do what feels good. You don’t have to drink, eat meat, spend lots of money, or socialise when you’d rather not. There’s nothing wrong with opting out of things that compromise your wellbeing.

How to have a more mindful Christmas

Mindful Presents          

In the run-up to December 25th, we’re using Instagram to share a carefully curated gift guide filled with mindful Christmas presents. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or planning to treat yourself, each item has been selected to help the recipient create a cosy home and find moments of calm and rest during the festive period and beyond. Explore the #mindfulpresents hashtag  and discover some of our favourite independent, ethical businesses.

Love Lizzie and the SOL team xx