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Online Wellbeing Retreats

Our online wellbeing retreats have been designed so that you can enjoy a retreat experience in your own home and create a sustainable wellbeing lifestyle.


Rather than urging you to ‘get away’ and ‘escape reality’ to improve your health and wellbeing, we believe the best place to start is in the home, making small changes to your daily routine and forming habits that will last.

Your State of Liberty retreat includes

Lizzie connected to online forum

Carefully Curated
Online Content

Produced in collaboration with a team of leading wellbeing experts, our innovative online retreats incorporate six key elements: yoga, food, meditation, mindfulness, pamper and sleep.

Forum Support
and Community

We’ve created a dedicated in-house forum to offer you a safe, confidential and private space to connect with our team of wellbeing experts and your fellow retreat participants.

SOL Pamper Box


You’ll receive the SOL Pamper Box with a selection of organic, natural products, expertly curated to complement the digital content.

Our online retreats are inspired by nature and aligned with the seasons; each season supports, nourishes and prepares the body for the next season.

We offer two types of seasonal retreats:

Group Weekend Retreat

Our Group Weekend Retreat takes place on a specific weekend with a small group of participants and is supported with live forum discussions.

 Our wellbeing experts are available all weekend to answer your questions and aim to respond within 1 hr.

Open Season Retreat

Our Open Season Retreat is available at anytime, so you can choose a weekend or a time that suits you and practise at your own pace.

Our wellbeing experts are available to answer your questions and aim to respond within 12 hrs.

“It turns out that this online retreat was better than any weekend away, it’s been a perfect boost for me to take care of myself in the context of real life and real challenges. I’ve surprised myself, it was all amazing.”

Grace A, Spring Retreat 2018

What does retreating at home look like?

Before Your Retreat

Email support

You will receive a series of emails with everything you need to know about retreating at home.

SOL Pamper Box

You’ll receive the SOL Pamper Box with a selection of organic, natural products, expertly curated to complement the digital content.

It contains everything you need for a restful and restorative pamper session in your own home.

Printed recipe postcards

You’ll be provided with a detailed grocery shopping list for your delicious seasonal menu, and a set of printed recipe cards to accompany the online cooking videos.

On Retreat

Online content

Our online retreats are delivered via a beautiful, user-friendly website specifically designed to be clear, calm and intuitive.

The retreat content includes six wellbeing elements, all of which have been carefully designed to complement each other, helping you adopt a holistic approach to your own wellbeing.

You will receive a series of instructional videos, audios and written online content.

The schedule has been structured to take you on a gentle and powerful retreat experience; each wellbeing practice supports the one that follows, with time for rest and relaxation.


Dedicated in-house forum

The forum is a core part of the online retreat experience.

Support, advice and guidance.

  • Our team of wellbeing experts are available to answer any questions and support your wellbeing practices.
  • Scheduled throughout your retreat are focused wellbeing discussions to help you set clear intentions, explore any resistance to self-care and establish a sustainable wellbeing routine.


  • A safe, private and confidential space to connect with like-minded people and share your experiences, insights and wellbeing stories.

After Your Retreat

Wellbeing Resource Library 

Our growing ‘Wellbeing Resource Library’ includes inspiration, guidance and wellbeing practices created by our experts.

Lifetime access

You will have lifetime access to your retreat. The content will be regularly updated. We are committed to providing the tools and support to help you create a sustainable wellbeing lifestyle.

“You can really tell that the SOL team are invested in your mind, body and soul. Everyone is friendly and  available and offers advice and their knowledge freely without judgement, which made the online forum a very insightful place.”

Emma B, Spring Retreat 2018

State of Liberty combines both online and offline content so that you can enjoy a retreat in your own home and experience the benefits long-term.

We’ve included the following elements, all of which have been carefully chosen to complement each other and support you from season to season.

Six Wellbeing Elements


Our approach to yoga is gentle. This doesn’t mean it’s not strong, but that we focus on finding ease, slowing down and learning how to practise with kindness and mindfulness.


Nutrition, health and wellbeing are intrinsically linked. When we’re conscious of our food choices and aware of our personal needs, natural rhythms, cycles and habits, we are choosing the most responsible and liberating way of eating and living.


Meditation gives you the opportunity to take time for yourself and slow down, to reconnect with your inner self and cultivate a sense of peace within.


Mindfulness technique

Life is busy and full of distractions, it’s easy to lose touch with ourselves and become trapped in automatic thinking and doing. Mindfulness helps us break out of this pattern and focus our attention more deeply on the here and now.


The pamper element in our online retreats empowers you to carve out time for yourself, slow down, relax and be kind to both your mind and body.


Sleep is the restorative element in our online retreats, essential for health and happiness. This powerful process helps our bodies heal, but is often compromised when life is busy, stressful or when caring for others.

Seasonal Living

Traditional Chinese Medicine influences our approach, this ancient system illustrates the importance of following the natural rhythms and cycles of our planet to support balance in our bodies and minds.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has five seasons, each season correlates to one of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) and has a dominant organ, colour, emotion and taste connected to it. Each season also supports, nourishes and prepares the body for the next season, creating a constant cycle of wellbeing.

Resistance & Self-Care

At State of Liberty, we’re particularly interested in the ways we resist and avoid self-care. Most of us never had healthy self-care practices modelled for us. We may have inherited beliefs that confuse self-care with selfishness, laziness or indulgence.

The truth is, when we don’t take care of ourselves, advocate for our needs or ask for support, we don’t receive what we inherently need and for us to do our work in the world, care and restoration is essential.

Scheduled throughout our online retreats are focused wellbeing discussions to help you set clear intentions, explore any internal resistance to self-care and to help integrate wellbeing into your life long-term.

Join us for one of our upcoming seasonal retreats

Summer ‘Open Season’ Retreat

The summer season is a time of long, light, warm days, high energy, outdoor activities, gatherings and celebrations.

However, the high energy and activity of summer can make it difficult to focus on rest and self-care. The State of Liberty Summer Retreat has been designed to support you during this season.

Late Summer ‘Open Season’ Retreat – Available August 14th

Chinese Five Elements Theory recognises a five season cycle and so our September retreat takes place during the season of Late Summer.

Our Late Summer Retreat will  provide you with wellbeing practices and simple self-care techniques required for sustained wellbeing through the colder, darker months ahead.

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