Spring Essential Oil Blend

Lavender, Lemon and Sweet Orange


Lavender is the queen of essential oils, encouraging balance in all our body systems, and is a healing tonic for body and mind. It restores vitality and is perfect as we come out of hibernation to greet spring.

Lemon has a crisp, fresh scent which improves focus and inspires joyful involvement in the present moment. It is an immune system stimulant which protects and nourishes the liver, reduces tension and expands our energy.

Sweet Orange hints at the summer months around the corner and supports us in unblocking and releasing stagnation, helps to support the immune system and promotes wellbeing.

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The SOL Spring Blend is made from organic essential oils and is carefully designed to support you through this season.

Essential oils have long been used for their healing properties, both medicinally and for beauty treatments.

The 5ml bottle contains approx 100 drops, you only need to use 2-3 drops at a time because it’s very powerful which means the Spring Blend will support you all season.

Lavender (latin name lavandula angustifolia) is refreshing and floral. Lavandula comes from the latin word lavare, meaning to wash, which is particularly appropriate because lavender is deeply cleansing in many ways. It has effective antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and it is very useful for applying directly to cuts and sores.

It’s well known for its calming, pain relieving and skin healing properties. It is blood cleansing and very supportive of the lymphatics and it doesn’t just cleanse the body on a physical level, but on an energetic level too and is great for easing stress, insomnia and restlessness.

It contains a significant amount of the natural chemical component, linalyl acetate, which strengthens and restores vitality. Spring is the ideal time to gently clear and cleanse all things that inhibit us and lavender supports this process as we come out of hibernation to greet spring.

Lemon is another refreshing and cleansing oil that has multiple benefits and uses. A non-toxic cleaning agent, excellent for spring cleaning your home, while on a physical level it supports digestion, particularly the elimination phase, again a perfect match when gently cleansing the body at this time of year.

When diffused, lemon purifies the air, it is very uplifting and energising, helping to clear stagnation and positively boost your mood.

Sweet orange has a sweet, warm and delicious citrus aroma, it’s refreshing and uplifting and is like a little bottle of sunshine. The dominant component, d-limonene, is responsible for the zesty citrus scent and is known to aid detoxification in the liver which, along with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, helps support the immune system and promote wellbeing.

In Chinese Five Element Theory the liver is connected to spring and the wood element; we’ve chosen this oil to support your liver whilst your body naturally cleanses this season.

Every SOL Essential Oil Blend comes with access to exclusive online content and includes more information about the therapeutic benefits and how to use the oils in your everyday self-care routine.

Your essential oil blend also includes access to State of Liberty’s online content.

You will access the online content via the member’s area on our website:

  • Learn the seasonal benefits of your Winter Blend and how to use it effectively in your home.
  • Access our Wellbeing Resource Library.

Wellbeing Resource Library

The Wellbeing Resource Library is regularly updated with expert advice on seasonal living, self-care, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, seasonal food, pamper and sleep.

We’re committed to sustainability.

Your Seasonal Self-Care Box has been crafted with care.

Eco-friendly packaging
Hand-made in the UK using recyclable materials and FSC certified paper from G.F Smith.
Designed to reuse
The box is strong and simple with minimal branding so you can reuse, it’s a perfect storage box. Our beautiful logo designed by Penabranca is subtly embossed on the lid.
You can send the box, the glass bottles and the canvas bags back to us to be refilled.


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