Summer Essential Oil Blend

Ylang Ylang, Vetivert, Rose and Peppermint


Ylang Ylang helps encourage relaxation and the experience of pleasure and joy.

Vetivert assists with connection, helping us to become more emotionally aware and grounded in the present moment.

Rose is luxurious and uplifting and soothes and heals the heart supporting our emotions.

Peppermint uplifts the mind, awakens creativity and stimulates ideas.

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The SOL Summer Blend is made from organic essential oils and is carefully designed to support you through this season.

Essential oils have long been used for their healing properties, both medicinally and for beauty treatments.

The 5ml bottle contains approx 100 drops, you only need to use 2-3 drops at a time because it’s very powerful which means the Summer Blend will support you all season.

The Summer Blend consists of two floral oils to connect with your inner-self, a root oil to soothe anxiety and offer stability, and a leaf extract oil to support expansion and creativity.

Ylang Ylang
The first of the flowers is ylang ylang whose tropical floral aroma can transport us to the azure waters of the South Indian Ocean, encouraging us to fully experience the pleasure and joy of summer!

The flowers have been used for centuries in the Philippines, its country of origin, for skin and hair care as well as for medicinal purposes, primarily as a relaxant targeting the nervous and circulatory system.

Energetically, ylang ylang can induce a state of euphoria and optimism, opening us up to a lightness of being.

This is balanced with the grounding qualities of vetiver, one of the few essential oils distilled from roots, whose deep, earthy scent helps stabilise the mind and promote a sense of emotional security.

Physiologically vetiver is primarily restorative and is skin nourishing and moisturising whilst being cooling and sedative, it is the perfect antidote to a hot and busy summer!

As a grounding agent, vetiver can really help us come down from our heads and back into our body, bringing us a sense of whole well-being.

Rose, the second floral oil has been called “the queen of flowers” by Greek poet, Sappho, and is the middle note holding our Summer Blend together.

A sweet, luxurious, and sensual fragrance, rose is a highly valued oil in skin care for it’s antibacterial and cell regeneration properties as well as many other therapeutic effects, such as hormone balancing during menopause and respiratory support for asthma.

Emotionally, rose is known as a heart tonic helping to restore a sense of faith, hope, and love in oneself.

Finally, we blend everything with a hint of peppermint, made up mostly of menthol and menthone, peppermint is a stimulant which is why we don’t want too much but just enough as a surprise top note to give us a little summer zing!
With its fresh-minty, yet sweet-herbaceous aroma, peppermint is uplifting and helps promote a sense of optimism and motivation.

Therapeutically it is well known as an effective inhalant to support respiratory health which, like rose, can energetically help us expand into ourselves, so being a perfect accompaniment to meditation and yoga.

We hope that the Summer Blend will not only nourish you on a physical level but bring support and pleasure on an emotional level that you can return to again and again.

Your essential oil blend also includes access to State of Liberty’s online content.

You will access the online content via the member’s area on our website:

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Wellbeing Resource Library

The Wellbeing Resource Library is regularly updated with expert advice on seasonal living, self-care, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, seasonal food, pamper and sleep.

We’re committed to sustainability.

Your Seasonal Self-Care Box has been crafted with care.

Eco-friendly packaging
Hand-made in the UK using recyclable materials and FSC certified paper from G.F Smith.
Designed to reuse
The box is strong and simple with minimal branding so you can reuse, it’s a perfect storage box. Our beautiful logo designed by Penabranca is subtly embossed on the lid.
You can send the box, the glass bottles and the canvas bags back to us to be refilled.


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