Winter Essential Oil Blend

Frankincense, Patchouli and Petitgrain

Frankincense has wonderful rejuvenating properties which is great for the skin and soothing for our nervous system, relieving anxiety and calming the mind.

Patchouli has regenerative properties which are particularly beneficial in the winter when our skin can get dry and cracked from the harsh winds and indoor heating.

Petitgrain is our little ray of sunshine during these darker months, with natural calming and relaxing properties, it also has an uplifting quality that is refreshing and balancing.

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The SOL Winter Blend is made from organic essential oils and is carefully designed to support you through this season.

Essential oils have long been used for their healing properties, both medicinally and for beauty treatments.

Frankincense is often associated with spirituality, possibly because of the biblical references and its use in religious spaces. It’s also the oil of choice for many yogis and meditation practitioners because the components of frankincense can help calm and focus the mind, encouraging reflection and introspection.

On a physical level, d-limonene is a component in some frankincense essential oils that has considerable anti-inflammatory benefits. There are several other components often found in this oil that can help to our skin’s healing process. In addition to skin care, these anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties can also offer us strong immune support.

Patchouli is the oil of physicality, which helps to feel connected and present in your body, balances those seeking distraction and escapism and has earthy, grounding qualities. It compliments yoga practice or any exercise that aims to connect body and mind. It supports feelings of peace, acceptance and body confidence.

Petitgrain is derived from the bitter orange tree and has long been used in traditional health practices as a toner for the skin, while offering a fresh, floral, herbaceous aroma and encouraging feelings of calm and relaxation which may also help us with restful sleep.

The winter is a perfect time to cosy up and take time for self-care and nourishment; this blend assists in calming the mind and is great for relaxation, sleep and meditation, but also has just enough zing to get you motivated throughout the colder, darker months.

Your essential oil blend also includes access to State of Liberty’s online content.

You will access the online content via the member’s area on our website:

  • Learn the seasonal benefits of your Winter Blend and how to use it effectively in your home.
  • Access our Wellbeing Resource Library.

Wellbeing Resource Library

The Wellbeing Resource Library is regularly updated with expert advice on seasonal living, self-care, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, seasonal food, pamper and sleep.

We’re committed to sustainability.

Your Seasonal Self-Care Box has been crafted with care.

Eco-friendly packaging
Hand-made in the UK using recyclable materials and FSC certified paper from G.F Smith.
Designed to reuse
The box is strong and simple with minimal branding so you can reuse, it’s a perfect storage box. Our beautiful logo designed by Penabranca is subtly embossed on the lid.
You can send the box, the glass bottles and the canvas bags back to us to be refilled.


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