Summer Home Retreat

The Summer Retreat focuses on creativity, transformation and joy.

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The summer season brings us strawberries, peaches, cherries, and other fresh seasonal treats, such as scented roses and sweet-peas. Everything is in full bloom, nature is a hive of activity and the abundance of summer is definitely something to celebrate.

Deciding to tend to your own needs for rest, nourishment, sleep and reflection means you’ll be ready to face the world refreshed and filled with new energy and ideas, while also enjoying a greater capacity for work and the care of others.

Our online wellbeing retreats have been designed so that you can enjoy a retreat experience in your own home.

Retreat over two days

Choose two days and dedicate this time for yourself.

The schedule has been structured so each wellbeing practice supports the one that follows, including time for rest and relaxation, to take you on a gentle and powerful retreat experience.

It’s most beneficial to fully immerse yourself and follow the retreat schedule, however all of the wellbeing practices and recipes can be accessed individually.

Retreat at your own pace

You can dip in and out of the retreat content and create your own wellbeing routine, one that works with the time you have available, your personal needs and pace.

End each day with a restful and restorative pamper session.

You’ll receive a Summer Self-Care Box containing an apothecary of organic base ingredients and recipes for you to make your own fresh and natural skincare products.

Your pamper session includes a clay face mask and salt body scrub followed by a hot soak in an epsom salt bath and a massage.

All four together will leave your skin feeling cleansed and nourished and your body and mind relaxed.

Over the course of your retreat

Six key wellbeing elements have been carefully chosen to complement each other, helping you adopt a holistic approach to your own wellbeing.

Cook simple, delicious, seasonal recipes to gently cleanse, nourish and support you through the summer.

All of your retreat recipes are made with simple kitchen ingredients, they are quick to make, highly nutritious and easy to digest.

You’ll receive: 25 printed recipe cards. The recipes are vegan and are gluten, dairy and sugar free.

Bedtime Yoga Sequence Tree Pose

Practise yoga comfortably at home and move at your own pace.

Create movement, build strength and improve your flexibility and enjoy a regular home yoga practice with online support and guidance.

You’ll receive: 3 yoga videos: 1 restorative, 1 energising and 1 bedtime.

Enjoy a series of guided meditations.

Slow down, relax, focus inwards and reconnect with yourself and your home. SOL meditations are gentle and clear, designed for both beginners and seasoned meditators.

You’ll receive: 4 meditations: 1 reflection, 2 mindfulness and 1 sleep.

Mindfully prepare your home to support your wellbeing.

All of the wellbeing practices can be enhanced and supported by being mindful, you will learn how to be more mindful when doing everyday tasks and create a home that supports your wellbeing.

You’ll receive: 2 mindfulness meditations and focused journalling exercises.

The Benefits of Journaling

Create a bedtime ritual that encourages deep and restful sleep every night.

Your retreat schedule has been carefully designed to prepare you for deep and restful sleep. A luxurious pamper session followed by bedtime yoga and a sleep meditation is the perfect combination to help you relax and unwind before bed.

You’ll receive: A bedtime ritual, focused journalling exercise and a sleep meditation.

Simple self-care techniques can alleviate daily stress, anxiety, overwhelm and fatigue.

Seasonal Living

State of Liberty Retreats are inspired by nature and aligned with the seasons; each season supports, nourishes and prepares the body for the next season.

Our focus this summer is on creating space for creativity, joy and transformation so that you can feel free to express your heart’s desires and enjoy a season of fun, laughter and fulfilment.  

You’ll receive: Expert advice on seasonal living and how to gently nourish and support yourself this summer.

Explore any resistance to self-care and cultivate resilience.

At State of Liberty, we know practising self-care is often at the bottom of our to-do lists. This has certainly been a common issue for our retreat participants!

Scheduled throughout your retreat are focused journaling exercises and forum discussions to help you set clear intentions, explore any internal resistance to self-care and to help integrate wellbeing into your life long-term.

You’ll receive: Focused journalling exercises, access to our Wellbeing Resource Library with expert advice on self-care topics.

Receive support, advice and guidance in the SOL Community forum

Our team of wellbeing experts are available to answer any questions and support your wellbeing practices.

The SOL community forum is a safe, private and confidential space to connect with like-minded people and share your experiences, insights and wellbeing stories.

Forum topics: yoga, meditation, mindfulness, food, pamper, sleep plus intention setting, exploring resistance and establishing a wellbeing practice. Our experts will reply within 24 hours.

“From receiving the self-care box which felt beautifully luxurious, I felt supported throughout the weekend in all aspects of the retreat programme. From the delicious and healthy recipes devised for each meal to the daily online yoga classes and meditation practices. It was obvious a lot of thought had gone into the retreat.”

Emma C, Spring Retreat participant

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, a master chef or cooking novice, our retreats suit people with varying levels of knowledge and experience.

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Your Self-Care Box will be delivered within two working days and you’ll have instant access to your Summer Retreat.



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