Retreat Testimonials

“I began the retreat unsure if I would be able to relax. I was still looking after my children for one of the two days, however I didn’t need to worry as the retreat is totally based around your routine.
All the elements of the retreat are wonderfully thought through. The contributors are available and friendly, offering you advice and their knowledge freely without judgement, which made the online forums a very insightful place.
I received the pamper box a few days prior and it was like Christmas, the scent of this luxurious box was incredible! Everything inside was beautifully presented.
The mixture of the yoga, meditation, food, pampering and advice all made it the most relaxing and eye opening weekend I have spent at home. You can really tell that the contributors are invested in your mind, body and soul for the weekend. When you’re normally buried in work, kids and general life’s stresses and strains, this retreat really is a complete package of bliss.”

Emma Bakker – Spring Retreat 2018

“The SOL Home Retreat gave me an opportunity to take time out from the busyness of life and reconnect with myself, which was much needed.

From receiving the pamper box which felt beautifully luxurious, I felt supported throughout the weekend in all aspects of the retreat programme.

From the delicious and healthy recipes devised for each meal to the daily online yoga classes and meditation practices, it was obvious a lot of thought had gone into the retreat, with a dedicated and user-friendly online forum just for participants to chat and ask the team any questions they had.

Sas Petherick also ran three great forum discussions on the Saturday and Sunday which got us thinking about self-care practices and how we may resist this in our own lives.

The retreat schedule allowed for some flexibility to suit each of us, which I found helpful for easing into the flow of each day, depending on what felt right for me.

I cooked almost all of the recipes provided, and the food was tasty and easy to prepare. I’ve come away from the retreat feeling empowered to take control of my own health and wellbeing, with a variety of practices to support me in my self-care going forward.

I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone who is in need of some time for themselves to slow down.

Being a home retreat makes it so much more accessible to those who can’t get away, but are in need of support in giving themselves some self-care, which we all need from time to time.

Thanks so much to Lizzie and the SOL team for a fab retreat.

Emma Coxon – Spring Retreat 2018

“The State of Liberty Spring Retreat was so refreshing. It allowed me to really rest and refocus on all aspects of my life. The forum sessions are an incredible opportunity to share your experiences and work out self-care routines that will work for you in your life. The food is delicious and so quick to make! The yoga routines are relaxing and enjoyable even for a complete beginner. I’ve always struggled with meditation in the past but Gemma’s guided ones are incredible. I woke up at 5am one morning and was unable to get back to sleep; I put on the sleep meditation and was fast asleep by the end of it. Doing the retreat at home means you can start self-care practices in the environment that you will be doing them on a day-to-day basis, so I think it’s easier to actually come up with a lasting routine.”

Rebecca McChandler – Spring Retreat 2018

“I loved being part of the Spring Retreat. For me, the best thing about retreating at home was the freedom to go at my own pace. I loved that I could adapt everything to suit my needs and slot self-care in around the demands of family life.”

Frances Shanahan – Spring Retreat 2018